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Two Healthy Caracal Kittens!

Two Healthy Caracal Kittens Emerge
Zoo welcomes Spring babies and proud parents!
Gulf Breeze, Florida – April 4, 2016 - Gulf Breeze Zoo is seeing double again when it comes to Spring babies these days.  Mother Katarina, a 6 year old caracal, gave birth to two healthy kittens on February 28th.
Similar to household cats, baby caracal kittens are born with their eyes and ears closed and completely dependent upon their mother for safety and milk. For the first month the mother caracal will keep the kittens in a secluded, safe den while they develop and grow.
Now at just over a month old, visitors can finally see both babies, Koda and Kali wrestling and playing together just outside of the den under their mother's watchful eye. 

The Zoo is Seeing Double! Welcome Baby Giraffe Kelly

Gulf Breeze Zoo is seeing double when it comes to baby giraffe these days.  You may remember the first baby giraffe, Gibson, born August 2nd. The Zoo is proud to announce he now has company! Baby giraffe, Kelly, was born early September 6th to mother, Kenya, a 7 year old reticulated giraffe. The little girl weighed in at petite 117 pounds and measured 5'-8" tall at birth!

Just arrived! Baby Giraffe Gibson

The Gulf Breeze Zoo welcomed a tall new family member Aug. 2 with the birth of a new baby reticulated giraffe named Gibson.

Gibson was born 5’ 6” tall and weighs 127 pounds. He is named in honor of one of the zoo’s landscapers, Larry “Gib” Gibson. Gibson has served the zoo for 28 years and continues to work to make the zoo look its best.

It’s a Girl! Baby Hippo Born at the Zoo

Gulf Breeze, Florida –September 24, 2015  - The Gulf Breeze Zoo is proud to announce its newest member, a female Nile hippopotamus. On August 18th, after a gestation of 8 months, “Cleopatra” gave birth to a healthy female calf weighing approximately 70 pounds! (Mom weighs in at around 4,000 pounds) Both mother and calf are in excellent condition and are now on exhibit for daily viewing.  

New Arrival: One BIG Zoo Baby Born

Baby giraffe born at Gulf Breeze ZooGulf Breeze Zoo is excited to announce a very BIG birth this Spring, a new baby giraffe!  Gabby, a 13 year old reticulated giraffe, gave birth to the 5’ 8” male calf early in the morning on March 27th.  Zookeepers had been monitoring Gabby closely for several months before she gave birth and are delighted that both mom and baby are healthy.

Endangered zebra foals born at Gulf Breeze Zoo

GULF BREEZE, Florida -- The Gulf Breeze Zoo announced that two Grévy's zebra foals were born of different mothers on the same day, Aug. 12, at the facility. 

"We knew both females were due any day, but we couldn't predict that both females would give birth on the same day," said Desiree Hager, assistant curator, in a news release. "Both deliveries were quick and we're excited to report both babies are happy and healthy with their mothers." 

Zoo receives a new, feathery bundle of joy

Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 17:14 PM.

For the first time at Gulf Breeze Zoo, a pair of spectacled owls have a chick. 

The owlet is 5 weeks old and very healthy, according to the zoo.

Spectacled owls are from Central and South America and live primarily in dense forests. Females lay 1 to 2 eggs and incubate them for roughly 5 weeks before hatching.

Both parents will care for the owlet, taking turns feeding and protecting the nest. The young owlet will be dependent on its parents for almost 1 year.

Everything's Coming Up Babies!

Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 16:26 PM. GULF BREEZE — The Gulf Breeze Zoo has experienced a baby boom in recent months, and guests are lining up to take a peek.“It’s wonderful because it’s the natural process for the adults. This is the best environmental enrichment for them to be able to nurse a baby,” said curator Tenielle Welch. Gamba, the newest of the zoo’s animals to be named, stands 8 feet tall at just 2 months old. The giraffe has grown more than 2 feet since he was born Nov. 10.