News 5/12/19
Happy Mother's Day for New Warthog Mom, Amina
The first baby warthog in over a decade has finally made her debut, just in time for Mother's Day. Mother warthog, Amina, celebrates her first Mother's Day with proud warthog dad, Perching.

News 5/1/19
Rare Twin Tamarins Born
The Gulf Breeze Zoo welcomed two new furry little members to its family last month when a boy/girl set of twin golden-headed lion tamarins was born.

News 03/12/2019
No Tall Tail: It’s a Boy!
Gulf Breeze Zoo, a ZAA accredited facility, is excited to announce the birth of a new giraffe calf. On February 10, Reticulated giraffe “Kenya” went into labor just after 8:00 pm in her birthing stall within the giraffe compound.

News 03/01/2019
Zoo joins Species Population Alliance to Save Wild Antelope
The Gulf Breeze Zoo has partnered with the Source Population Alliance team to help save rare and endangered hoof-stock around the world.

News 02/14/2019
Love Brings Spring Babies at the Zoo
As Valentine’s Day reminds us that love is really all around us, there’s no better time to feature the love that has been in the air for quite some time at the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

News 01/15/2019
Orangutans Return to the Zoo, Six Orangutans make their way to a New Home
Gorillas are not the only Great Apes in our midst. On Tuesday, January 15th a family group of six orangutans arrived at the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

News 01/01/2019
New Year, New Species: Giant Anteaters Join the Mix
A rare new species makes its debut this week over in the South American Aviary, and you won't be able to miss it. Two giant anteaters, Demetrio and Alice, made their debut this morning, just in time to ring in the New Year.