Animal Feeding

Do you want to have a personal interaction with some of our animals? Enjoy feeding our giraffes, camels, and Scottish Highland cows daily! You can feed our American alligators seasonally.


Giraffe Feeding

Get up close to our amazing giraffes and even feel their tongues as they take romaine leaves from your palm. Giraffe feeding is available daily during regular hours. The feed can be purchased in admissions or from the Giraffe Hut.

Camel Feeding

Dromedary camels are herbivorous. Their thick lips allow them to eat things that other animals cannot such as thorny plants. Camels in the wild consume primarily grasses, leaves, and twigs from shrubs and trees. Our camels love hay and are especially fond of the food guest feed them! Be sure to pick some up in admissions!

Scottish Highland Cow Feeding

The oldest registered cattle breed in the world, Scottish Highland cows have been domesticated for centuries. These red, hairy beasts are actually very gentle and will practically eat right out of your hand.

American Alligator Feeding

If you’re here between April and October, join us to feed our American alligators, weather permitting. American alligators are the largest reptile in North America and continue to grow their entire lives. Most adults are between 8 to 14 feet long.

When you’re feeding them, notice their teeth. Alligators have between 74 and 80 teeth at a time, but new ones replace old ones constantly as they grow. An alligator can go through over 2,000 teeth in its lifetime!

Alligator biscuits are available for purchase from admissions.

Feed the Animals

Purchase food for the giraffes, alligators, camels, cows, and budgies at our gift shop. Visit gift shop