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View Our Rhinos from the Boardwalk or Train

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Soman, Greater One-Horned Rhino

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Critically endangered
Lifespan : 40-50 years
Weight : 5,100 pounds
Height : 5.6-6.1 feet

Our Rhinos

At Gulf Breeze Zoo, we have two types of rhinoceros in our collection. The Greater One-horned Rhino and the Southern White Rhino. We currently have a very successful breeding program with our white rhinos and hope to do the same with the Greater One-horned rhino now that we have Soman, who made the Gulf Breeze Zoo his home recently. Two white rhino babies have been born here: Katana in 2018 and Kalibur in 2020.

Katie along with Khaleesi, another female, and Robbie, a male, also live here at the zoo.

In the Wild

The white rhino is the second largest land mammal. The vast majority of southern white rhinos live in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya, and they often form groups of up to 14 rhinos, many of which are females with calves, or baby rhinos. Adult males mark one-square-mile territories with piles of dung, and the competition for females can be fierce. There are currently about 20,000 white rhinos in protected areas and private game reserves in Africa.


White rhinos are endangered in the wild, primarily due to erroneous beliefs that their horns yield medicinal benefits. We support the International Rhino Foundation an ongoing basis and collaborate with the Zoological Association of America’s Southern White Rhino Animal Management Program.

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Learn What Rhinos Eat

White rhinos feed only on grasses. Their flat and wide upper lip, which is different from its rhino counterparts, enables white rhinos to feast on short grasses that are closer to the ground. Rhinos prefer to drink water several times per day but can last a few days without fresh water if none is available.

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

You can observe our rhinos from the comfort of our Safari Express train. Your narrator will point out the rhinos as they roam the 30-acre preserve. The rhinos can also be viewed from the elevated boardwalk.

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