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Meet our three Gorillas

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Meet Our Silverback Male Gorilla

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See Gorillas in Their Island Habitat

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Endangered
Lifespan : 35-40
Maximum weight : 440 pounds
Height : 4-6 feet

Our Gorillas

The Gulf Breeze Zoo currently has three gorillas in residence: Babuka, a silverback male; Rwanda, a female; and Kigali, a young male. In a zoo environment, gorillas can live to be 50 years old or more.

In the Wild

The largest primates in the world today, gorillas range in height from an average of 4 feet to nearly 6 feet and weigh as much as 440 pounds in their native habitat of equatorial Africa. They generally live in family groups consisting of five to 10 gorillas with an adult male at the head of the family.


Read how the Gulf Breeze Zoo’s conservation program partner, ECO-CELL, works to protect critically endangered gorillas’ habitat in the Congo.

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Learn What Gorillas Eat

Gorillas mainly eat plants, namely leaves, shoots, stems and fruit. In their native habitat, they travel up to 1.5 miles in a day to find food.

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

See our gorillas roaming the zoo grounds while on our elevated boardwalk or onboard our Safari Express train ride.

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Meet the Other Animals

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