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Giraffes Are the Tallest Land Mammal

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Vulnerable
Giraffes’ speed : 35 mph
Daily sleep : 30 minutes
Number of neck bones : 7 bones

Feeding the giraffe is such a fun experience for the entire family!

Our Giraffe

Several giraffes live with us here at the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Our tower, the term for a group of giraffes, includes our newest additions Kora and Kellogg.

In the Wild

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, a giraffe’s average lifespan in the wild is 25 years. Their primary predators are big cats, like lions and tigers.

Giraffes are the world’s tallest land mammals. Males can grow as tall as 19 feet, and newborns are 6 feet tall at birth.


They’re considered vulnerable in the wild. Besides caring for and breeding giraffes here at the zoo, we also help fund conservation efforts on their behalf. Read about the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and other programs we support.

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Learn What the Giraffe Eats

Giraffes eat a vegetarian diet, usually leaves and buds, and they eat throughout the day. In their native habitat, they have to roam miles daily to find food. They drink water only a couple of times per week, getting a lot of hydration from their leafy meals. During a visit to the zoo, you can feed our giraffes romaine leaves from your hand and see their 21-inch-long black tongues up close.

Feed the giraffe

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

During a giraffe encounter, you’ll get special entry into the keeper access area and spend time visiting and feeding the giraffes. Your guide will give you insight into how they’re cared for here at the zoo and what their status is in the wild.

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Meet the Other Animals

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