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Artie Is Our Young and Playful Male

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Observe Brandee and the Other Orangutans

Quick Facts

Conservation status : Endangered
Lifespan : 35-45 years
Arm span : 6.6 feet
Height : up to 4.5 feet

Our Orangutans

At the Gulf Breeze Zoo, we have six orangutans with distinct personalities who live on their island habitat within the park. See “King Louie,” our only adult male; Artie, the comedian; Artie’s patient mom Maggie; philosophical Sarah; Sarah’s shy daughter Indah; and Brandee, the peacekeeper.

Our newest addition is IsaDora who was born on September 11, 2021, and is currently in the care of our animal care staff, and is not on exhibit.

In the Wild

Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, orangutans are highly intelligent great apes that can grow to 4.5 feet (or taller) and live for up to 40 years


In addition to caring for orangutans here, we also support the Sumatran Orangutan Society to help them in the wild. Learn more about the program on our Conservation page

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Learn What Orangutans Eat

In the wild, Orangutans’ diet mainly consists of fruit (their favorite dish) and leaves, but they also enjoy flowers such as orchids, bark, honey, termites, ants, and other insects.

Tour the Animal’s Habitat

Observe our orangutans from the elevated boardwalk or on the Safari Express train.

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Meet the Other Animals

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is home to more than 800 animals from nearly every continent and of almost every size – from 1-ounce budgies to 3,300-pound hippos. Learn more about all of them, especially our featured animals.