Travel Around the World With the Zoo

Have you been wanting to expand your animal experience while traveling? Have you wanted to broaden your knowledge of animal conservation by witnessing it firsthand?

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is excited to launch unique travel programs centered around our animal collection and curated for our guests looking to deepen their involvement with animals in the wild. We seek to develop experiences that appeal to different activity levels and interests, and doing so in an eco-friendly manner.

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Travel Around the World With the Zoo

Discover Uganda - known as the "Pearl of Africa" by British explorers - a county noted for outstanding beauty and diversity -from the ethereal Mountains of the Moon to open savannas and impenetrable forest. Uganda is the center of Africa's own "Great Lakes" system. All that water has produced a country of beautiful green landscapes and thick forests supporting an extensive amount of native plant and animal life. In the densely packed (often called "impenetrable") forests, reside Uganda's most famous residents-the awe-inspiring Mountain gorilla. These powerful and intelligent animals will view you with as much scrutiny and curiosity as you are viewing them, an incredible reminder that there are still realms where humans are only visitors.