• St. Patrick's Day 2018 3/17/2018
    Join us for a "pinch of green" through animal enrichment on St. Patrick's Day!
  • Mother's Day at the Zoo! 5/13/2018
    FREE Train Ride for Dads on Father
    Bring your Mom to meet our animal Mom's this Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13th. All Moms receive a FREE train ride.
  • Endangered Species Day 2018 5/18/2018
    Endangered Species Day is a fun and educational way to learn about the 16 species of endangered, and critically endangered animals here at the Zoo, and what you can do to help them survive. From 9:00-12pm visit conservation biofact stations around the Zoo for a hands on learning experience. At 2:00pm, meet a species that has come back from the brink of extinction, the American alligator. at 3:00pm join a team of zookeepers for a python interaction and a message on invasive species.
  • Father's Day at the Zoo! 6/17/2018
    FREE Train Ride for Dads on Father
    Bring your Dad to meet our animal dads this Father's Day, June 17th. All Dads receive a FREE train ride! From the train you will get a close-up view of gorillas, rhinos, huge Nile hippos and more!
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What our visitors say ...

Whoa! I come from the Chicago Zoos where animals are far away, behind glass, and easier to see with binoculars! I would probably have a better time seeing animals on a Nat Geo documentary. 
However, we stumbled upon THIS AMAZING ZOO!  Giraffe Feeding: This would have cost a fortune in Chicago and probably cost $50 if even available. It was amazing here. Pet a giraffe and feed one! Stay as long as you want!!

For a small zoo this one is excellent.  The staff was great with the animals and it is the perfect size zoo for a afternoon visit.  We took our time and went through most of it in a couple hours.  Seriously though we will come back every time.   Thank you for such a lovely little zoo on the gulf!!