• National Hippo Day! 2/15/2019
    ZooTots! Animal: Hippo
    Did you know that Hippopotamus loosely translates to River Horse in ancient Greek? National Hippo Day celebrates the third largest mammal on Earth and there's no better place to be than the Gulf Breeze Zoo where you can see our whole Nile Hippo family!
  • National Pig Day! 3/1/2019
    National Pig Day is an event held annually on March 1st to celebrate these wonderfully intelligent animals and our misconceptions about them. We'll have special pig talks with our Zookeepers in the Petting Area so you can learn more about the wonderful world of pigs!
  • Easter 2019 4/21/2019
    Celebrate Easter at the Zoo! Includes Easter Egg Hunts, facepainting, bounce houses, balloon creations, photos with the Easter Bunny and animal ambassadors!
  • Mother's Day at the Zoo! 5/12/2019
    FREE Train Ride for Dads on Father
    Bring your Mom to meet our animal Mom's this Mother's Day, Sunday, May 12th. All Moms receive a FREE train ride.
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What our visitors say ...

Whoa! I come from the Chicago Zoos where animals are far away, behind glass, and easier to see with binoculars! I would probably have a better time seeing animals on a Nat Geo documentary. 
However, we stumbled upon THIS AMAZING ZOO!  Giraffe Feeding: This would have cost a fortune in Chicago and probably cost $50 if even available. It was amazing here. Pet a giraffe and feed one! Stay as long as you want!!

For a small zoo this one is excellent.  The staff was great with the animals and it is the perfect size zoo for a afternoon visit.  We took our time and went through most of it in a couple hours.  Seriously though we will come back every time.   Thank you for such a lovely little zoo on the gulf!!